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printed-c Excellent colorful multiplication chart. Much better to have it in color to help us memorize and see what we're doing! Slide fingers across from the left and down from the top to find a multiple.

Printable Place Value Slider- This would be good for buddy math: one partner creates the number, the other builds it with Base 10s

Printable Place Value Slider

Number - Hundreds: Free Printable Place Value Slider ~ Thanks to Suzie's Home Education.


FREE Multiplication Wall Cards (2 versions)

3 Dinosaurs has a FREE set of Multiplication Wall Cards. This set is great for helping out with learning to saw the multiplic-- Marzano Strategy: Nonlinguistic Representation

These cups should have a place in any classroom! Making the ordinary extraordinary!

Teach Your Child to Read - These cups should have a place in any classroom! Making the ordinary… - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.


Wow, it was an insanely busy weekend and I am so sorry that I forgot to post about our Math folders and books from last week.

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Christmas in July~ Day 3 with a freebie!

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Umbrella topic definition essay What is an umbrella topic? Your topic is the subject of your essay or paragraph.

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