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a black and white photo with the words best quote i've heard in a while, you can't leave those who created the problem
a quote that reads,'when prayerers were heard in schools gunshots weren '
an old photo with a quote about money
an older man wearing glasses and a suit with a quote from thomas sowel
a quote that reads, most people don't really want the truth they just want to
a black and white photo with the words i'm so old i can remember when people treated being on employment as an embarassing secret, not a life goal
10 Silly Jokes To Make You Laugh Throughout The Day
a quote that reads i'm so old i remember when loving your country, respecting the flag, and obeying the law were considered good character
a man in a suit and tie with a quote from thomas sowell on it
a woman in black and white with the caption'the funniest thing i heard an elder say, my generation had wonder woman, your generation has to wonder if it '