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And if you lie to me...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Truest thing I've ever seen. I told my husband you cheat there is no coming back from that we would be done

I can not find the name of the photographer or the designer. Sad day, but gorgeous dress and photo.

fancyweddingdreams: Red wedding dresses are irresistible and they are said to bring good luck in certain countries. Take a look at these 104 lovely red wedding dresses. Absolutely love Read more: 104 Lovely Red Wedding Dressesimage credit: thisivyhou

Gemini perfectly described. Being the air sign that we are, we're one about communication, in any way shape or form. I can talk your ear off but tell me something and my attention is drawn to you immediately. We're kinda considered the jack of all trades. I love ALL signs. We all serve a purpose.

Ah you were right up until you called us nosy. It is not being a social butterfly that we REQUIRE. Rather, a social duty, that comes with our quick mind and swiftness, that tasks us to BECOME the social butterfly.

Gemini Goddess Fact

Gemini Goddess Fact