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But it's worth it!

But it's worth it!

Funny~*DIBS* ■ Not even to mention that a few episodes before cas brings dean back there is the quote: gay love can pierce the veil of death

Yup and I'm in all of these fandoms. Just stay away if you don't like feeling like death

ALLOW ME TO SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. Besides doctor who. I'm not putting myself through that<<< it’s too late for me, I’ve finished Sherlock, I’m rewatching Merlin, I’ve started supernatural and I’ve finished doctor who. for the second time.

Supernatural cast eyes. Sooo true!!

My God. Their eyes! And Jared's are just. (Plus, I love how there's just a picture of Jared's eyebrow in the middle. << I'm glad i wasn't the only one who thinks Jared's eyes change colour 😂