Emergency Phone Charger

A nifty emergency phone charger that uses an AA battery. Perfect when the phone dies in the middle of town.

iPower Station - For iPod and iPhone

Buy iPower Station for iPod and iPhone today at IWOOT. We have great prices on gifts, homeware and gadgets with FREE delivery available.

Smart Emergency Charger

Avoid mobile emergencies and carry a handy charger just in case in your bag, to top up your battery when the juice is running low on the go.

Xtra Power Charger for Mobiles

XTRA POWER CHARGER FOR MOBILES: Does your smartphone seem to inhale its battery life? There's nothing worse than running out of juice just as you're about to make an important call - so don't you wish you could have battery backup wherever you need it?

Dual Power Bank

Juice up your gadgets with the Dual Power Bank. It can charge two devices simultaneously and adds to your general productivity. This piece includes a USB cable, pouch.

thumbsUp! UK : Juice Cell

This battery shaped emergency charger provides extra juice for your gadget on-the-go.

Xtra Power Charger - Pink

This can charge an iPhone’s battery from flat to more than on one charge, the charger can be used a whopping 500 times in its lifetime.

Slim Dual Power Bank - 8000mAh

Slim Dual Power Bank - 8000mAh