false ceiling

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the ceiling is covered with white tiles and suspended lights
a modern bedroom with white furniture and large windows
Gallery of The Villa Greencore | T.K. Chu Design | Media - 12
a white clock mounted to the side of a wall
an empty room with a ceiling fan and some lights on the ceiling is lit by recessed lighting
False ceiling with copper mirror
the ceiling fan is hanging from the ceiling
Habib & sons false ceiling
an unfinished room with white walls and exposed ceiling tiles on the ceiling is being worked on
a bedroom with a bed, desk and chair in it's center area next to a window
Retro-Futurism by Nikolay Tsupikov (13)
Bedroom_Retro-Futurism by Nikolay Tsupikov
an empty room with some lights on the ceiling
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a tall white clock on the wall
Jaime Hayón Refeshes The Interiors of La Terraza del Casino Restaurant
an elegant living room with modern furniture and chandelier hanging from the round ceiling
the ceiling in this room has been stripped off