template for butterflies.  Have each child decorate one to add to the bulletin board.

Parent & Child Craft Templates

It is just me or these are the cutest pillows? Oh My! I love the holidays. I enjoy the decorations, and spending time with my fam and friends :)

Accent your living room with a touch of season-appropriate decor with these Shaped Fall Pillows. Shaped to match the beauty and color of autumn, these throw pi

A castle template for games or could put the names and dates of reigns of kings/queens, etc.

LOVE!! Hurry up Fall, I am SO doing something like this, simple and less than $10! :) DIY Dollar Store Fall Wreath

We've curated a list of DIY fall door decorations to inspire you to create your own unique decor. Show off your fall spirit to the whole neighborhood!


This is not a tutorial, but the picture is so inspiring for a decorative idea for Christmas . "a tissue paper window decoration. the very white, very french christmas - Sharon Santoni"