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Brigitta Stenczel

Brigitta Stenczel
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my gifs httyd toothless httyd gifs GOTNF httydedit 4000 notes dreamworksedit thehiccupnetwork i managed to fit in so many frames ahhh 40 i think

Ahahaha- Toothless is sooooo adorable he just like holy shit my tail grew back

Hiccup. What in the name of sufferin' scallops are you doing? That's just . . . uncomfortable. Eh, whatever, this is so cute! XD

Toothless doesn't even seem to care. What's also funny is her gaze starts on Hiccup and stays there for a while, cause she's like: what are you doing, Hiccup?

Toothless' thoughts "Yup, that's my human. Wait!!! I have to got get him!!!!"

Toothless' thoughts "Yup, that's my human. And he seems like so used go Hiccup's flying he is like meh

Dragons - Night Fury..Toothless

I love Toothless, but before the gif started I saw a boot and when it moved the way it moves I freaked out a little bit. Hi Toothless!