crochet flowers

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three crocheted flowers are shown on a piece of paper
an intricate design with black and white lines on the center, surrounded by smaller dots
an image of a snowflake made out of crochet
crocheted flowers are displayed on the screen in an app for knitting and crocheting
a crocheted flower next to a white piece of paper with writing on it
a drawing of a flower made out of circles
Фото 850605505301 из альбома ЦВЕТЫ И БАБОЧКИ. №2. Смотрите в группе Вязание и не только.Новичкам и мастерам. в ОК
an image of a green and black snowflake with lines on it's center
crochet flowers and leaves are arranged in rows on top of each other, next to a ruler
two crocheted flowers on top of each other in pink and orange, with the words
the crochet star pattern is shown in pink and blue, with red thread on it
星モチーフの編み方と編み図/ Crochet Star
an image of a cross in the middle of a circle with four crosses on it
a crochet pattern with a flower on it and the number 5 written in white
° OM 2016 : diagrammes semaine 1 ° - ° Ouvrage météo °
OM 2016 fleur n°5
three crocheted flowers are shown with the number six on each side and one flower is