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several pictures of different types of furniture made out of rope and wood, including an ottoman
Puf DIY con cuerda y reciclando neumático (Muy Ingenioso)
Ya habíamos visto aquí un ejemplo similar para construir un puf. Es una idea excelente para reciclar un antiguo neumático convirtiendolo en un mueble para tu hogar. Este proyecto lo hemos encontrado e
three different views of a park bench in the middle of two pictures, one with a tree
Do you have a favorite park where you love to spend a warm afternoon sitting…
Do you have a favorite park where you love to spend a warm afternoon sitting under the shade of a tree? Wouldn’t it be nice to create that atmosphere in your own yard? A tree bench will make it a reality! Check out the full gallery for more inspiration: theownerbuilderne...
a wooden bench sitting next to a flower pot
Could add screws under each wood post on both sides to keep it from sliding out...
a potted plant sitting on top of a purple tire covered stand with flowers in it
Extraordinary Wishing Well Planter: 1-Day Project
Make a wish in your own garden with this wishing well planter made from recycled tires! It makes a great garden decor and it's so easy to make - you can finish it in hours. You won't have to spend a lot for this DIY project since you can recycle old tires, a bucket, and some boards to get things going.
an image of a red couch and table on pinterest for outdoor furniture using cement blocks
40 + Cool Ways to Use Cinder Blocks
40+ Cool Ways to Use Cinder Blocks
several different types of outdoor furniture made out of pallets and wood planks are shown in this collage
How to Make a Cinder Block Bench
How to Make a Bench from Cinder Blocks: 10 Amazing Examples to Inspire You! Patio & Outdoor Furniture
several pictures of different types of boats on display
DIY Tree Bench Wrap Around Idea
tree bench made from kitchen chairs, diy, outdoor furniture, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects
a wooden deck with pillows on it in the middle of some trees and flowers outside
Floating Deck for the Back Yard?
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