Medieval crossbow

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Medieval crossbow

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Would obviously need to use larp darts instead of actual darts.

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Decorative Century Belgian Crossbow, replica that cannot be fired. This little crossbow was more likely developed for target and sporting purposes than as a serious weapon, but it was able to throw a bolt a considerable distance under the power of

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Those ancient warriors may not have been the most subtle fighters around, but they they sure had some bad-ass weapons. I guess for the ancients, desperate times called for desperate measures, as you will see from these murderous military weapons. Contents1 Triple Morning Star2 Hawaiian Throwing Axe3 Hunga Munga4 Throwing Star5 Caltrop6 Crossbow Pistol7 Trebuchet8 ... Read more

 If you're asking about “women” as a population, the most relevant differences are less upper body strength and less reach than men. The lighter two-handed weapons address both issues, being both long and proporti.

medieval crossbow

Crossbow of Count Ulrich V of Württemberg Maker: Attributed to…

Attributed to Heinrich Heid von Winterthur | Crossbow of Count Ulrich V of Württemberg (1413–1480) | German, probably Stuttgart | The Met

Inscription: Inscribed: (in classic Hebraic characters but including several mistakes, on staghorn plaque on underside of stock) HAB GOT LIEB HOCH HERZE; (in Gothic letters, on staghorn plaque with arms of Württemberg) Gloria

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Identifying a stone bow

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Identifying a stone bow

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Crossbow Germany 1475


South Germany, ~1475

Crossbow Accession Number Origin Southern Germany, about 1475 Materials Wood; modern leather Measure 28 L x 27 W Weight 7 lb.


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Crossbow, German, circa My husband wants to make one so badly.

Crossbow, German, circa 1580

A rare Gothic crossbow, German or Swiss, late century. With robust bow of…

Rare arbalète gothique, Allemagne ou Suisse...

Rare arbalète gothique, Allemagne ou Suisse fin XVe siècle; avec une reconstitution...

Crossbow, Cranequin and Ten Crossbow Bolts Date: crossbow ca. cranequin dated 1556 Geography: possibly Tyrol Crossbow Targets, Crossbow Bolts, Crossbow Arrows, Crossbow Hunting, Medieval Crossbow, Medieval Weapons, Survival Weapons, Survival Gear, English Longbow

Crossbow, Cranequin and Six Crossbow Bolts | southern German or Tyrolese; cranequin probably German or Swiss | The Met

m Fighter Town Guard Castle Crossbow man by gg-al on deviantART

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Late Gothic Crossbows and Accouterments

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Walnut, yew and iron crossbow, possibly century </br> © CSG CIC

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