I love the sea- so effective. Obviously the strips need to be cut from a larger bit of paper than the base.

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Bunny Paper Crown

Bunny Paper Crown for Easter

Bunny Paper Crown

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Image from http://www.gwsjoeys.org.au/wp-content/uploads/konara/Victorian%20JS%20Recources/Resource%20folder/Craft%20&%20Activities/Finger%20Puppet.jpg.

Cute kangaroo, platypus, emu and koala finger puppets for the kids to cut and colour in.

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Játékos tanulás és kreativitás: Én és az új év!

Játékos tanulás és kreativitás: Én és az új év!

Mother's love is like nothing else in the world... The more we grow up the more we realize our moms are our best friends. Every day should be Mother's Day,

TOP 10 Creative Kid Crafts for Mother's Day

This would make such a cute Mothers Day, or any day gift! So simple. Frame, scrapbook paper, cupcake liner and a photo. A beautiful Mother's Day gift idea!