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The wolf may not eat for several days if they can't make a kill or find some snipits somewhere. When they do eventually bring down their prey they may consume up to at one sitting - now don't let this go to your head, we are not wolves!

Framed and Signed GiclŽe art print Limited Edition of 100 copies with of authenticity. Exclusively edited by Curioos. This Art print is sig.

Woodstock 1969

"Girl at Rolling Stones concert" : Stone’s free concert in Hyde Park, London in The caption reads: “Hats off to teenage fashion … as displayed by the eye-catching sequins worn by Pamela Donaldson (…)”. Photo by Ian Harris,

Powerful photo of a priest holding a dying soldier while bullets are fired around them. Venezuela, 1962

Father Luis Manuel Padilla holds a wounded government rifleman shot down in the streets of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, during a bloody revolt against President Betancourt in June Photograph by Héctor Rondón Lovera.