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True. But It would be as painful as the first time... 💔

and right now my bff is reading it and i can't spoil it arr.

I always just deny that those pages happened. Everyone lives happily and their problems were resolved, okay? Not good Not good at all*Bursts into tears*

I’ve died at this part. 😵

She planned how to end Champion before she started writing Champion

This is so me!

Yeah, well, that about sums it up. (No but seriously, the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu is AMAZING!

-Champion, Marie Lu 💔💔💔 It was really really painful. It’s break my heart... into a thousand pieces. 💔

Ok THIS was one of the most heartbreaking, maybe THE most heartbreaking, moments I've ever read in my entire life I literally finished the series yesterday and I was like screaming.