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Zsuzsanna Budai

Zsuzsanna Budai
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Foldable for middle school math Math = Love: Foldable Love

Percents and Proportions Foldable (Outside) I'm teaching this the same way my Algebra 1 teacher taught me: "Is over of equals percent over one hundred." Great foldables and visuals - fraction/decimal/% conversions

geometry angles - free download of worksheet AND images to use on your own pages or quizzes!

Free clip art and worksheet - finding missing angle measures, using triangle theorems, and more with roof trusses! Fun Geometry practice diagrams that you can stick into any quiz or worksheet

Midsegments, Angle Bisectors, and Altitudes investigation for geometry - add to interactive notebooks

I taught Segments in Triangles as a mini-unit this year. I spent one day on midesgments and two days on altitudes, angle bisectors, perpendicular bisectors, and medians. Then, I spent one day on the