Bujdosó Judit

Bujdosó Judit

Bujdosó Judit
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pergola attached to house

Use Your House Look at the lines of your home -- it might give you the perfect spot to place a deck (and make mowing or other yard-maintenance chores easier to boot). This deck-and-pergola combination, for example, is a perfect solution for an odd space.

Pruning Clematis Vines by Jeff Rugg | Creators Syndicate

Q: I know spring is here, but my clematis vines are overgrown and I need to trim them. I think they are supposed to be pruned during the winter when they are dormant.

35 Crafty Ideas...so much good stuff here!

DIY Idea: Paint Your Own Faux-Brick Sidewalk with just a mini roller! Concrete sidewalk getting you down? Spruce that bad boy up with this simple DIY idea!