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Moroccan Pot Roast with Couscous, perfect for a winter dinner!

I really can’t remember why I thought I needed an American copy of Cottage Living magazine in Barcelona for the airplane trip home.

Luqaimat ~ My Favorite Ramadhan Dish

Kaimati, kalimatis , Qaymat, luqamat al qaki or whatever else they are called as basically sweet friend dumplings and they are delicious! I have a sweet tooth you might have realised that by now f.

Queen of Arabic sweets, Kunafe Nablusia  #homesick #yumyum

If there’s one dessert that rules as the Queen of Arabic sweets, I would nominate Kunafe Nablusia, the sticky pastry made of gooey sweet cheese sandwiched between layers of shredded kunafe pastry. This specialty from the Palestinian city of Nablus is prep