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a black and white puppy sitting on top of cement steps with his paws hanging out
cleaning paws
The many things I like about the Australian Shepherd Dogs #australianshepherdofig #australianshepherddaily #australianshepherdgrey
two puppies are standing in the grass
HOLLIDAY | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a small dog sitting on top of a chair
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Australian shepherd sooo #cute
a black and white puppy laying on top of a wooden floor
6 Best Loyal, Hardworking Farm Dog Breeds
There are some dogs who were just born to be in the outdoors and run free.
a black and white dog laying on top of a wooden floor
fruit crumble bars stacked on top of each other
Fruit Crumble Bars Vegan Gluten-Free - The Vegan Harvest
These fruit crumble bars are vegan, gluten-free, and delicious! Perfect for breakfast and dessert! Click on the pin to make them now, or pin for later!
a puppy sitting on some steps in the fall
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entlebucher mountain #dog - I think this might be the other…
a small dog sitting on the sidewalk next to a person's foot wearing a red and blue collar
These Labrador Retrievers are the Poster-Pups for Being Fabulous.
Adorable Lab/Bernese Mountain Dog/Shepherd mix puppy .... OMG MOM. WE ARE GETTING THIS DOG LIKE... YESTERDAY.
a black and white dog sitting on the floor
Great Bordernese (Great Pyrenees, Border Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog mix)