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a man standing on top of a salt covered ground holding a small figurine
Having fun at the Salt Flats of Bolivia. Also known as Salar de Uyuni.
a group of kids on the beach playing with a bucket
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there are pictures of people in the desert with animals on them and one man is riding an animal
Image Nation: 50 Nifty Forced Perspective Photographs - WebUrbanist
fun with photography--forced perspective...haha love the T-Rex
a man laying on the beach with his arm in the air while another person stands behind him
Que se la comeee!!!
four children playing with umbrellas on top of a wooden block in the middle of a floor
konrad wimmel is in town! - Jan von Holleben
5 weeks of daily photo shoots 16 months of total production time 45 kg of candy for everybody’s nerves 186 Pizzas for energy 250 kids in various characters 5000 individual images Look here!!!!! Yeah!
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a wall with their hands up
vandaag werden er op school weer de schoolfoto's genomen. Voor groep 8 werd er een speciale foto gemaakt met alle juffen en meesters van de...
a man is holding out his fingers in front of a group of people on the desert
40 Fotografias com perspectiva forçada
O post de hoje está recheado com uma coleção de fotos maravilhosas vistas através de uma perspectiva forçada. Essa é basicamente uma técnica especial em