Lajosne Buzási

Lajosne Buzási

Egyszerű, átlagos 2 gyermekes családanya + férj, + 1 unoka, a második nemsokára érkezik....nagyon várom, s várjuk!
Lajosne Buzási
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this reminds me of lauren and nana at illini hospital one afternoon before she passed.  lauren was almost a year old.  i miss nana everyday.

Eve and Arrow Marie. 102 years and 120 days between them. - Pixdaus My grandma and my younger daughter 100 years and 115 days between them

John's father dies, and he has no family at all. This is a picture of a boy and his father holding hands. This symbolizes the love and connection between families.

The Police - Every Breath You Take - YouTube

The Police - Every Breath You Take - The Stalkers Anthem - “P. I also note that you included the Stalker's Anthem "Every Breath You Take" I do enjoy our sense of humor, but does Dr.