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Plywood Pick-Up trick. Ingenious. I have struggled alone with soooooo many sheets of plywood.   Unfortunately, I am about six inches too short to use this trick, but it's good to know for sheets I must rip to width.

Carry Plywood - Tie the ends of a rope, creating a loop. Slip the loop around the two bottom corners, reach over and grab the center sections of the rope on either side of the plywood, and lift the board into your underarm.

Thor ,Tanngnjostr und Tanngrisnir

Thor and his goats, Tanngnjostr und Tanngrisnir. Goats, including the Yule Goat, are associated with Thor.

A pretty powerful depiction of Odin and his ravens.Sweet and powerful

I have found mysefl once again in my religon i have strayed from the path i once walked only to be guilded back by a raven and a kind word im happy here in the light of my gods.