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lydia martin--genius, immune, something,banshee
The fog was lifting higher and higher, she hadn't known fog could be so thick till now. The day was soon turning to twilight, the forest was becoming more and more intimidating. "Eric!" her voice was shrill as she hollered for someone to help her. Mirabella found her self for the first time in a long time scared. Eric was not coming, no one was coming. She was alone!
Scott McCall, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Isaac Lahey, Allison Argent
Holland Roden is Lydia Martin, the Banshee of MTV's Teen Wolf.
Allison Argent & Lydia Martin. I don't think they focused enough on her losing Allison :( #TeenWolf
Flathead Lake, Montana. Things you have to see when you visit Montana
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Northern Light Skulsfjord Tromsø by Ronny Mikkelsen / #попробуйэтотмир
Might be one of the coolest swimming pool ideas ever. Don't know if I would utilize it though. Cool nonetheless.
This water slide in Atlantis, Bahamas looks like so much fun.