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Dustin Lee Massey (@dustinleemassey) • Instagram photos and videos
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Marcelo Millicay on Instagram: “Celebrating @dcauwatchtower incoming big birthday the only way I know how, drawing some capes. Thanks for letting me do my small…”
Vin Lopez 🎨 on X: "Concept Design: Red Hood (Reposting cuz I forgot an important detail 🥲) #DCU #JasonTodd #TheBatman" / X

Jason Todd

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Damian by Gene MagoraDamian Wayne sketch


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batman and robin wayne are standing in front of each other, with the caption batgirl
an image of batman in the style of comic book cover art, with instructions for how to draw it
batman and robin wayne from the animated movie
Jerry Gaylord (@thefranchizeart) on Instagram: "I'm finally going to get to see #thebatmanmovie this week. Here is a look at some Batman stuff I did for fun. If I did an animated show this is the design I would go with for sure..#teamedward #batman #batfamily #wbanimation #dcessentials #dcmultiverse #dccollectibles #dcdirect #kennersuperpowers #dccomics #thefranchizeart #jerrygaylord #visdev "
the batman costume is shown in this drawing
some character designs for batman the animated series, including batgirl and catwoman costume
Dustin Lee Massey (@dustinleemassey) • Instagram photos and videos
batman and robin wayne character sheet from the animated movie, robin wayne is in full costume
batman and robin wayne standing next to each other in front of a pink background,
cartoon characters with different facial expressions on their faces, including catwomans and batman masks
some cartoon characters with different facial expressions
four different batman masks are shown in this drawing style, and each has their own face painted on it
TheDarkKnightDetective398 on Instagram: “Art by @theluizard #TheBatman #Batman #BruceWayne #TheDarkKnight #TheDarkKnightReturns #CapedCrusader #TheCapedCrusader…”
a drawing of batman and robin wayne
a man in a black and blue costume holding two scissors up to the side with both hands