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the words are written in white on a teal background with green and blue colors
animals hear the screaming and crying of other animals being slaughtered. these emotions - fear, grief, and rage - produce chemical changes in their bodies. when you eat animal products you are directly consuming all of this negative energy. please, go vegan
a quote from howard lynn on animal needs to die in order for me to live and that makes me feel good
No animal needs to die...
Point ! People, Stop Animal Cruelty, Open Your Eyes, Truth, Don't Eat, Choices
Point !
a pig that is being held up by someone's arm and the caption says, they trust us we betray them
Because taking a life isn't worth it to me. I'm still trying to stop eating chicken. I do eat salmon. When I imagine the suffering and the horrible people who torture these animals, I can't stand the images. Please sign every peititoyo
several pictures of different types of denim shorts
Coollage - En blogg om allt möjligt
crochet shorts jeans DIY lace crafts