An Instagram short film

is an incredible resource for all kinds of I wanted to structure out of this chaos. The result is a crowd source short-film that shows the endless possibilities of The consists of 852 different from 852 different users.

▶ (RED): The Very Best of Design and Innovation - YouTube

Watch Sir Jonathan Ive, KBE, and Marc Newson, two of the world's foremost design pioneers, discuss their collaboration with musician and philanthropist Bono .

3D, Photoshop, Illustrator? Hát nem.

Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, Santiago Carrasquilla, Wade Jeffree - Adobe 24 hours work outside of the computer

Tissue meetings not helpful, Hegarty says

Sir John Hegarty, the chair of this year's Campaign Big Awards, has said "tissue" meetings are counterproductive to making creative magic.

Érdekes html5 interaktív videoátalakító. Esetleg ötletet adhat egy újfajta videobannerhez.

Most notably, video gives me the flexibility to style my videos even further through CSS. Effects can be as simple as cropping and sizing the video, or as complex as rendering pixel-level color effects or splitting the video into tiles like a puzzle.

Havonta megjelenő digitális magazin inspiráló cikkekkel az Adobe programokra.

Janel Thomas, a freelance Web designer and Dreamweaver expert, shares her workflow for creating responsive web designs for WordPress.

GoPro: HERO3+ Black Edition: Smaller, lighter, mightier still. - YouTube

Amazing shots taken with GoPro, worth watching. GoPro: Black Edition: Smaller, lighter, mightier still.