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Carlos Chiva (@CharlieXiva) on X
a diagram of the roman house with different colored lines in each corner and words above it
Roman Private House Sections
roman numerals worksheet for kids to learn how to use the numbers
Matematikai segédeszközök
Matematikai segédeszközök
a drawing of a woman holding a staff in front of a sign that says calendar
Idus, Fastos y Calendarios
two pictures of an ancient building with paintings on the walls and in the ground, there is a pool
Roman Meal in the Garden - reconstruction +++ found on archeolibri.com
an image of people working in the process of building a stone road with wooden barrels
an image of people working in the ground with different types of rocks and stones on it
an illustration of people swimming in a pool and on the side of a building with windows
The Romans created a system of heating baths that was very unique, thanks to advancements in architecture. Underneath the baths, are Hypocausts that blow fire underneath of the pool to heat up the water. In this picture we see a vault in which people would stand to feed the fire. Baths are balanced upon a peristyle of Peirs, which is a rectangular support.
the wooden letters and numbers are laid out on top of each other in a box
Leptir - Montessori blog: Europa
the map of the roman empire
an image of people working on a road that is being built with rocks and gravel
a map showing the roman empire and its major routes in europe, during the first half of