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Have you ever try blue nail designs? They always look cool and stylish. Here we picked 21 best designs for you.

Classic with one glitter

The Best Wedding Nails Ideas And Wedding Nails Design Ideas That Are Simple, Natural, And Elegant. Glitter Or French Tips For Bride Or Bridesmaid, And Lace Or Vintage Looks For The Bridal Party And Brides Maids. We Cover Wedding Nails For Fall, For A Beac

4月以降、メニュー&レッスン料金を改定いたします。新レッスン料 →コチラ。新メニュー →コチラ。全然なんにも考えてないので全部お任せーーー!!いくらなんで…

I made a simple striping tape nail design and kept the colors somehow neutral with a little bit of shine