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a large leopard standing on top of a tree branch
Clouded Leopard
Panthère nébuleuse d'Asie du Sud-Est. Longueur du corps de 75 à 105 cm,avec un queue de 80 à 90 cm
three birds sitting on top of each other near one another, sketched in black and white
New England Sketchbook 2: Critters
New England Sketchbook 2: Critters | Drawing The Motmot Find more at if you're looking for: #art
a black and white drawing of a fox
Rebecca the Fox
Rebecca the Fox by Greg Coulton, via Behance, You must view close up progression of this pic and his other projects.
a drawing of a jellyfish on a white background
Sam Nagel's Store | Society6
Jellyfish Art Print
an image of two jellyfishs in watercolor on white paper with red and blue ink
Jelly fish watercolor 2 by Lunicqa on DeviantArt
Jelly fish watercolor on deviantART