Arval -- Avalon -- Avon -- BB pezsgő és bor -- Elmű-Émász-Mász -- Hungaria -- Lidl -- MVM -- Médiaunió -- Törley
10 Pins
the logo for lidl erteket orzunk, with a heart and leaves
Minden jót, jó áron!
Full service communication partnership since 2011
the words avan car sharing on a blue background with an image of a birdcage
Digital support for carsharing departement
the logo for arval bnp paribas group, which is located in mexico
B2B campaign in 2013
the word avan written in black on a white background
Advertising services
the logo for hungarian wine company huncaria, which has been made in italy
digital and analog partners
the logo for baataon - boglar is shown in blue and white letters
Rebranding, digital and analog advertising
the word mediaunio is written in blue
Főoldal - Médiaunió
Pro bono advertising agency partners for positive social change
the logo for m & m, a company that sells sunflowers and other flowers
Communications campaigns since 2010
the delmu logo is blue and white with an arrow pointing up to it's left
Egyetemes szolgáltatás
digital and advertising services since 2003
the logo or sign for torley
Törley Pezsgőpincészet
Full service strategy and communication since 2011