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there are many toy cars on display in this store window and one is for sale
four pictures of an old model car in different stages of being opened and put inside the box
Tonka Toys 1967 VOLKSWAGEN black #150 with BOX
a toy fire truck is in the box
Tonka Toys | Carton | Box | Packaging | Page 10
three different views of a yellow and black chair with its box open on the ground
1971-72 Mighty TONKA LOADMASTER #4002 and BOX excellent complete working unit
Only availble for 2 yr in 71 and 72
a toy dump truck is sitting on the floor
Old Fashioned Games at
1970s Orange Tonka Tipper Dump Truck
four yellow toy trucks sitting on top of a box
Tonka Trucks
three different views of an orange pickup truck
TONKA TOYS 1964 private label TERIMINX Fleetside truck
Very beautiful complete all original condition, very rare
a toy truck with a crane on the back
Vintage Early 1980s Tonka Bell Systems Telephone Repair Crane Boom Truck White Pressed Steel Toy Car Vehicle Collectible
an orange toy truck on a gray background
Life and Living
a green toy tractor sitting on top of a box
a green toy tractor with two blades on it
Vintage 1970s Tonka T-6 Tractor Lime Green Bulldozer Metal | Etsy
an orange and black toy truck is on the street with confetti in the background
Custom | Mighty Tonka | Page 1
Custom Lowboy and Dozer
a yellow and black machine is sitting on a white sheeted surface with two other machines in the background
Vintage 1970s Tonka Mighty Crawler Crane With Clamshell Bucket Shovel Excavator | eBay
a yellow crane sitting on top of a cardboard box
Tonka Dragline w/box