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the floor is made out of different colored pieces of puzzles and other items on it
These creative sensory walk activities for kids are great for exploring the senses.
several pictures of different colors and patterns on the floor
Touchy Feely Frames for Babies - Little Lifelong Learners
a collage of buttons with the words button sorting cups on them and an image of a
Corduroy Activities and Crafts for Kids - The Activity Mom
homemade ball can on the floor with balls around it and text overlay that says homemade ball can
Homemade Ball Can
an orange f is on the floor next to some blue and green rugs with different colors
Sensory Boards For Babies And Toddlers - Kid Bam
a baby is looking at himself in the mirror
17 Sensory Board DIY Ideas for Busy Babies and Toddlers
two popsicle crafts with the title homemade peek - o - boo toy for babies
Homemade Peek-a-Boo Toy for Babies
a basket filled with lots of different types of buttons and decorations on top of a table
Texture Eggs — All for the Boys
a baby playing with ribbon in the back of a car seat, and an image of a
Ribbon Box - Baby Play Activity
a toddler playing with an assortment of food in her play tray on the floor
Everyone with a gas stove, check this out! | Toddler activity board, Baby play activities, Toddler a
a baby playing with blue tape on the wall in front of an instagram page
a baby playing with some blue tape on the floor next to muffin tins
Ball Rescue — Baby Play Hacks