www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx1mHS… Off and Vadera did I ever posted this one? :I I just found a folder full of never published on dA pictures... they're a bit old so I'm not sure did I po...

Kate always was pretty much skeptical about supernatural things so everytime that Del talks about Anya she is like ''yeah, sure'', so one day Del just bring the ouija board and let Anya speak for h.

/ there's so many comments about this and now I feel that I need to explain what's going on that picture - that's my fursona Fuki with a nice guy. it's not a kind of furry fetish/yiffing/propagatio...

((I'm the guy)) "cutie!" I smile and pet you. You purr and squeak in response.

Judyta Anna Murawska (Fukari)

bad time, bad place, bad girls my little bonus for UrsulaDecay artwork sleepover

lantern light by Fukari

[link] The Kooks - Seaside George and Vadera. G has a new hairstyle by Vadera, taken from 'Pitbull'(polish movie) (I'm totally in love with Dorociński!