Arany Galuska {Arany Galushka}

Hungarian Golden Dumpling Coffee Cake. Nancy Reagan popularized this dish in the United States when she served it at the White House for Christmas. Consisting of balls of yeast dough (galuska). The balls are rolled in butter, then rolled in a mixture of sugar and nuts assembled into layers and sprinkled with raisins, before being baked till golden. Arany means golden; galuska refers to the dumpling nature of the balls of dough. Arany galuska may be served with vanilla custard.
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Arany Galuska - Hungarian Sweet Dough

Arany Galuska: Hungarian Sweet Dough

On a grey, rainy spring day, with Norah Jones crooning in the background, I set about making one of the most amazing coffee cakes ever. Technically it’s not really coffee cake, it’s more like monk…

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aranygaluska - Saferbrowser Yahoo Image Search Results