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A collection of how to teach kids to read, Printables: Free and Sales. Sight Words, Word Family, Blends, Digraphs and more. For contributors: if the product is…
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four different pictures with words and numbers on them, including the word's name
Free Romping & Roaring Third Grade Sight Words Packs Set 5: Hot, Hurt, if, Keep
Free Romping & Roaring Third Grade Sight Words Packs Set 5: Hot, Hurt, if, Keep - 6 pages of activities for each third Grade sight words: hot, hurt, if, keep. These are great for easy to use learning centers - 3Dinosaurs.com
bee movies for kids with the title saying,
Bee Movies for Kids: Fun & Educational Films!
Get ready for exciting adventures, heartwarming stories, and adorable characters – all set in the fascinating world of bees! So grab some popcorn, cuddle up on the couch, and get ready for a bee-tastic movie marathon that will have your kids buzzing with happiness!
the best 1st grade summer books
1st Grade Summer Reading List
Enhance your child's love for books with our 1st Grade Summer Reading List! Discover a collection of top picks, from delightful fiction to intriguing non-fiction. Our handpicked list features engaging stories, beautiful illustrations, and educational content perfect for young readers. Make reading a fun, interactive, and rewarding part of your summer routine. Dive into new adventures and watch your child's imagination soar! #SummerReading #KidsBooks #ReadingList #1stGradeReading #FunLearning
sight word color the word and find the word printable worksheet for kids
Sight Word Color The Sight Word & Find the Sight Word
Sight Word Color The Word & Find the Word - with all 220 sight words for kids to work on learning. They color the word and then find the sight word. It is an easy no-prep printable for kids to use. - 3Dinosaurs.com #sightwords #sightwordfind #learningtoread #3dinosaurs #noprepprintable #kindergarten #firstgrade
four books for preschoolers to read about the fourth of july and fourth of july
4th of July Books for Preschoolers | Combine Fun & Learning!
Is your little firecracker ready to celebrate America’s birthday? 4th of July books for preschoolers are a fun way to introduce them to the sights, sounds, and traditions of this festive holiday. These colorful books for preschoolers can spark their curiosity about parades, picnics, and the dazzling fireworks finale! Reading together is a cozy way to snuggle up and get them excited for the red, white, and blue extravaganza!
a person drawing with crayons and the words how to make learning fun with enrichment activities
Homeschool Enrichment Ideas
Level up your homeschooling with EPIC enrichment activities! Ditch the dull and ignite a love of learning with hands-on projects, interactive online tools, and exciting field trips. This post has ideas for all ages and learning styles, from crafting slime to exploring nature. Make learning FUN and watch your child blossom! #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #homeschoollife #enrichment #learning #activities #kids #education
free printable sight words worksheet for pre - primer and the sight word
Free Preprimer Sight Word Trace & Find the Sight Word
Free Preprimer Sight Word Trace & Dot the Word - 40 sight word for kids to work, with a no-prep printable for preprimer sight words great for kids in kindergarten and first grade - 3Dinosaurs.com #sightwords #freeprintable #preprimer #sightwordfind
two printable worksheets with the words dot the sight word and three crayons
Sight Word Dot The Word & Find The Word
Sight Word Dot the Word Find the Word - All 220 Dolch Sight Words in a dot the sight word and then find the sight word in a no-prep printable - 3Dinosaurs.com #noprepprintable #sightwords #dolchsightwords #3dinosaurs
cvvcc word games for kids to practice spelling and writing with their own words
Free CVCC Word Printable Games – 4 Fun Games
Free CVCC Word Printable Games - 4 fun games with CVCC short a words, CVCC short e words, CVCC short i words, CVCC sort u words with pictures outside and words to find in the middle. A great review for CVCC words- 3Dinosaurs.com #cvccwords #freeprintble #learningtoread #firstgrade #secondgrade #3dinosaurs
a letter k sort worksheet with pictures and words
Teaching Letter Sounds to Kindergarten and First Grade Kids
Beginning and ending sounds activities to practice letter sounds and sort them as to whether they are initial or final
four different types of sight words and their meaningss are shown in this collage
Free Romping & Roaring Third Grade Sight Words Packs Set 7: Much, Myself, Never, Only
Free Romping & Roaring Third Grade Sight Words Packs Set 6: Much, Myself, Never, Only - 6 pages of activities for each third Grade sight words: much, myself, never, only. These are great sight word printables for learning centers - 3Dinosaurs.com
a list with the words 100 reason to read
100 Reasons Why Reading is Important - Natural Beach Living
100 Reasons Why Reading is Important, Reading Habit, If you're curious about the importance of reading you’ll find out many reasons why it is important to read. Plus, why reading is important for kids, reading challenges, and Great Books to Read #read #reading
three booklets with pictures of children in the lake and on the lake, one for each
Winter Long Vowels Reading Practice
Long a silent e book for kids to color! So much fun to use for centers, homework activity, reading to a partner, so many ways to practice this phonics skill along with comprehension and fluency!