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an image of a statue with a crown on it's head and the words top 10 most famous kings in history
Martin Whore: Photo
Depeche Mode, DM, Meme, Facebook Meme, Synth-Pop, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Alan Wilder, Andy Fletcher Sayings, Inspiration, Say You Say Me, You Re In Love, I Dont Know You, Literally Me, My Life, I Love, Literally
Depeche Mode are my life changers
Matcha Aesthetic, Alan Wilder, I Wish I Had, Dear Lord, Classic Rock, Fast Fashion, Cool Bands
bro i love this song more than myself
a black and white cat sitting on top of a window sill with the caption when you chilling on your balcony and sudden
an image of a cartoon character saying not sure if listen to me or i just can't get enough
Depeche Mode #depechemode
Depeche Mode, DM, Meme, Facebook Meme, Synth-Pop, Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, Andy Fletcher, Alan Wilder
two white angel wings with the words, i'm so glad that this album
memento mori is so good
an image of darth vader saying good, good let the depeche mode flow through you
Tuesday’s Memes – Depeche Mode
Tuesday's Memes - Depeche Mode
four different pictures of people with headphones and one holding a cell phone to their ear