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The Soul Nebula (IC1848) ... aka as the Embryo Nebula, and in combination with the nearby IC1805 (Heart Nebula), the Heart and Soul Nebula.

Scientists discover 'alien' insect in amber from 100 million years ago | Geology IN

This member of the quartz family is known as Grape Agate


Shinyrayed Pocketbook | Lampsilis subangulata (I. Lea, 1840) Shinyrayed Pocketbook

"Small magellanic cloud This Small Magellic Cloud is considered as a dwarf irregular galaxy. It has a diameter of about 7,000 light-years and contains several hundred million stars. This cloud is very small compared to the Milky Way, our 100,000 light years galaxy" A dwarf galaxy by NASA via Hubblesite (quote) via bt-images.net

If you desire clarity, psychic visions, restful sleep, and vivid dreams, amethyst is the stone for you. Use your amethyst druzy heart in meditation and let it be an energetic vessel to help you ascend to a higher level of balance and awareness. Is this powerful stone calling you?

#Arfvedsonite is the BEST manifestation stone. Gleaming black with golden flecks, this stunning gem is often mistaken for nuumite or astrophyllite. But make no mistake, it has a potent magic all its own, and a crystal structure that is very unique. #CrystalHealing

SpaceX's first Falcon 9 rocket to launch from NASA's historic Launch Pad 39A soars into the sky to launch the tenth Dragon cargo mission for NASA from the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on Feb. 19, 2017.

elijahshandseight: featheredprince: Allosaurus feeding her chicks, by James Gurney The young are covered with a white coat of downy feathers. Dinosaurs with tiger-like colour schemes are always awesome

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