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an abstract painting with various colors and shapes on it's surface, including leaves
Polar Co-ordinates Variant IIIa, 1980 - Frank Stella -
a kitchen with blue cabinets and white dishes on the counter top, including plates, bowls, spoons and utensils
Bathroom | MOEN
A Mediterranean-themed bath is a haven of warm comfort.
three white horses are standing on top of a wooden shelf with baskets in front of it
This Ivy House
horse sculpture grouping
an old dresser with a painting on the wall above it
The Beauty Is In the Details
a table with flowers and candles on it in front of a doorway that leads to another room
Mirror + Table + Decor = LOVELY!
an old door handle with a little boy on it
Not your typical door handle
Venice, Italy
a light fixture hanging from the ceiling
"Morgan" Pendant Light Fixture at Horchow.; sitting rm? gold and silver leaf 16" sq x 24" T
an ornate console with a potted plant on it
Anthony Michael Interior Design - Project 2
Just Stunning