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a person standing next to a quilt made with squares and rectangles on a sheet of paper
a patchwork quilt is laying on the floor
The Faster Fourteen Quilt - The Confident Stitch
the instructions for how to make a quilt block
Bear Paw Quilt Block Inspiration - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog
the quilts are laid out and ready to be sewn
All Together Now: Quilter's Color Quest — Stitched in Color
a pink and black patchwork quilt with flowers on it
an image of a pattern that looks like it is made out of squares and triangles
the block has red and grey squares on it with snowflakes in them, along with white polka dots
Circle of Friends quilt block
the blocks are made up of different shapes
Pinwheel Variation Quilt Block Tutorial
a multicolored quilt with stars on it
a bed with a large quilt on it's headboard and foot board in front of a blue wall