Blood Orange Mojito

Blood Orange Mojito

Cocktail recipe for a Blood Orange Mojito made with fresh mint leaves lime 1 blood orange tbsp sugar (to taste) ounce white rum (to taste) cup club soda cup crushed ice

This Cucumber Smoothie is full of green veggies including spinach, cucumber and mint. It also acts as a coolant in the body, perfect for steamy summer days.

Winter Sea Breeze - Irresistibly Happy: Christmas Cocktails #drinks #christmas

Perfect Signature drink for your wedding or holiday party. WINTER SEA BREEZE HOLIDAY COCKTAIL Ingredients: 1 oz vodka cup) 1 oz grapefruit juice cup) oz tonic syrup tablespoons) 2 oz soda water cup) 12 pomegranate seeds 3 mint leaves (for garnish)

21 napos téli turmix kihívás – 15. nap

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10 Vegan Dessert Smoothies (that are secretly healthy)! Click to check out all the dessert inspired flavours.

Mocha Smoothie

Peanut Butt and Jelly Smoothie! Plus 9 other dessert flavoured smoothies. All of them are healthy and vegan!

mint mojito

Classic Mint Mojito

Classic Mint Mojito made with all of the fresh flavors of summer. Mint and lime are muddled together to create a refreshing cocktail. Top with sparkling water!

Whole foods and weight training help you pack on pounds in a healthy way. These nutritious foods boost your energy levels and provide you with calories and.

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