Csenge Diriczi
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Tara Zadeh
5 Ultra-Modern Engagement Rings! Which Would You Wear?
England's Tusheeta David has a chromatic feast for your eyes, taking full advantage of all the gorgeous colour and shaping possiblities afforded by acrylic.
And Other Stories | Semi Transparent Ring | Turquoise Light
Concrete Necklace by Zsanett Kincses, Hungary
Satomi Kawai
We're relatively stable and tentatively able to say for certain whether this uncertainty is for sure. 1" wide lapel pin in matte black metal with pale blue soft enamel filling. Created as an official collaboration with one of our favourite bands, American Football. Get more info on the band here: http://americanfootballmusic.com.
leather * silver rings
BEELDSTEIL.com Stylish Coisa Shawl | My favourite way to stay warm this winter #fashion #coisa #shawl