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a woman's face with the quote no one is always busy it just all demands on what number you are on their priority list
a woman's face with the words, note to self and an image of her
an ocean with the words, the most attractive thing to me is effort someone who really wants
90 Hope Quotes To Inspire Faith During Hard Times
#Effortquotes #Inspirationalquotes #Botherlessquotes #Positivequotes #Amazingquotes #Awesomequotes #Quotes
the words life status currently holding it all together with one bobby pin in black and white
150 Best Funny Quotes To Brighten Up Your Day
a woman with her arms behind her head and the words if i have to ask for your attention, then i don't want it
a man in a suit and tie with a quote
a woman's face with her eyes closed and the words never let love blind us from seeing the truth about someone
a black and white photo with the words i took it personal because i wouldn't have done it to you
two women hugging each other with the words i wish you enough written below them on it
Pin by Kirankumar B on Love, Inspire, Emotions.. | I wish you enough, Wisdom quotes, Daughter quotes
I wish you enough... I know I never was enough for you..
a quote that says she's not my cup of tea good, because i'm