Lavender field, Tihany Peninsula, #Hungary #Tihany #Balaton #flower #lavender

Levendula mező (lavender field), Tihany Peninsula, Lake Balaton by F.

Hungary-Esztergom, castle

Esztergom, castle / Hungary - the childhood home of my one of my ancestral great-grand-mother Princess Anna Maria of Hungarie, Queen of Bulgaria and sister to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Watering of the girls- fertility rite - Hungary - celebrated on Easter-Monday

Easter sprinkling in Hungary this was done in australia a few drops of cologne were sprinkled gently - this looks quite a robust watering!

Csengersima - Hungary

The century Romanesqe church of the village of Csengersima in the Upper Tisza region was rebuilt by the Reformed Church in the century.

Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst, Hungary and Slovakia.   This vast karst landscape of limestone plateaus and more than 700 caves is home to the world's highest stalagmite. The 21-kilometer Baradla-Domica cave stretches over the Hungary-Slovakia border. The Gombasek cave is probably the more photographed, with its impressive rock formations giving it the feel of a fairy tale city. Drive 240 kilometers northeast of Budapest to the Aggteleki National Park.

Natural wonders: The ultimate list

Somewhere in northern Hungary

Somewhere in northern Hungary

Medieval Church of Takos

Medieval Church of Takos Calvinist Church, one of the oldest wooden churches in eastern Hungary