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The remains of destroyed Széchenyi Lánchíd (chain bridge) linking Buda and Pest in the frozen Danube River after the Siege of Budapest December, 1944 – 13 February, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Hungary History, Danube River Cruise, Austro Hungarian, Cruise Travel, Cruise Vacation, Famous Places, Most Beautiful Cities

Ígérem ez az utolsó fotó a jeges Dunáról ezen a télen, de nem hagyhattam ki. 1945-öt írunk... - a nap archív képe

Manapság kedélyes téma a jeges Dunát fotózni, de milyen lehetett akkor? (via zsir.tumblr.com/

The original Elisabeth bridge was rebuilt in It was the regular German Wehrmacht, who destroyed all Budapest bridges in a hopeless fight against the Russians end of Danube River Cruise, Capital Of Hungary, Austro Hungarian, Budapest Hungary, Historical Pictures, Old City, Countries Of The World, Wonders Of The World, Old Photos


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Szendrő István: A felrobbantott Erzsébet-híd, Budapest 1945 / Ruins of the exploded Elisabeth Bridge, Budapest Old Pictures, Old Photos, Danube River Cruise, History Photos, Most Beautiful Cities, Budapest Hungary, World War Ii, Wonders Of The World, Places To See

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Szendrő István: A felrobbantott Erzsébet híd, Budapest, 1945 / Ruins of the exploded Elisabeth Bridge, Budapest, 1945.

 A rebel in Budapest during the Hungarian Revolution, 1956 // Mario De Biasi. I had a summer job in NYC as a secretary to place refugees from Hungary in schools around the USA. Wonderful job, so rewarding. I Have A Crush, Having A Crush, Mario, Cold War, Photojournalism, Historical Photos, Vintage Photos, Churchill, The Past

A rebel in Budapest during the Hungarian Revolution, 1956. Mario De Biasi

Khaldei’s Wartime Photographs Yevgeny Khaldei: On December a plane crashed into the roof of a residential building in Budapest.Yevgeny Khaldei: On December a plane crashed into the roof of a residential building in Budapest. World History, World War Ii, Berlin 1945, German Army, Military History, Historical Photos, Old Photos, Wwii, Image

Once Upon a Time in War

War is a horribly fascinating thing, however much man may hate it.

1956 Michael Rougier: the Hungarian Revolution; resistance fighter pointing machine gun, out of a car captured from security police, during popular uprising against Communist-backed government.© Time Inc. Soviet Army, Freedom Fighters, Guerrilla, Cold War, Eastern Europe, World History, Military History, World War Two, Historical Photos

Days Gone By

A resistance fighter aiming a machine gun that was captured from police during a popular uprising against the Communist-backed government. Photograph by Michael Rougier. Budapest, Hungary, October...

Hungarian freedom fighter in Budapest during the anti-Soviet uprising, November Detail from a photo by Michael Rougier, Life magazine. European History, Women In History, Female Soldier, Freedom Fighters, Soviet Union, Life Magazine, Military History, World War, Cool Stuff

Chasing Tail Feathers MOVED to Tail-Feathers

gunsandposes: “Hungarian freedom fighter in Budapest during the anti-Soviet uprising, November 1956. Detail from a photo by Michael Rougier, Life magazine. ”

Budapest the year my mother and grandfather escaped Old Pictures, Old Photos, Places Around The World, Around The Worlds, World Conflicts, Heart Of Europe, Most Beautiful Cities, Budapest Hungary, Historical Pictures

kilőtt tehergépkocsik és T-26-os harckocsi a Kamenyec-Podolszk és Tulcsin közötti úton.

Budapest 1956

by Erich Lessing. A burnt-out heavy tank "Josef Stalin" IS 3 with a 122 mm gun near the Kilian barracks in Budapest. An insurgent walking home. After the defeat of the Revolution, she was sentenced to death and executed. Insurgent, Budapest Hungary, My Heritage, Women In History, Cold War, Pictures Images, Historical Photos, World War Ii, Wwii

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There are a lot of ways on how you can become a model. Especially today, the internet has opened up new doors on how to be one. One kind of modeling that's a

burning soviet books, Budapest 1956. Hungary History, Budapest Travel Guide, World Conflicts, Budapest Hungary, Visit Budapest, Freedom Fighters, My Heritage, Black And White Pictures, Cold War


grofjardanhazy: “ Egy belvárosi könyvesbolt előtt szovjet könyveket és lemezeket égetnek Váci utca, 1956.okt.30 körül Fotó: Erich Lessing ”

 Not published in LIFE. Street justice meted out by rebel fighters during the Hungarian nazi maydan, 10 of 29 World Conflicts, Lest We Forget, Life Pictures, Budapest Hungary, Soviet Union, Life Magazine, Eastern Europe, Civil Rights, Historical Photos

A Rip in the Iron Curtain: Photos From the Hungarian Revolution, 1956 | LIFE.com....street justice (the caption reads "This is what happens to all Secret Police')