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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”  ― John Muir. The base chakra energy connects us to our roots, survival and grounding. Like a tree when we are firmly rooted in our physical life and our survival needs are met, we are able to grow and expand outwards into the universe with a solid foundation beneath our feet. x

May 2015 ☞ Photography ☞ is a German photographer based in Bonn, Germany. For Katja Kemnitz photography is a passion, not just a job. This artist works photographs of.

Gestation period

" Voices in the forest tell of dark and twisted enchantments,as dark and twisted as the roots and grasping branches of the trees themselves. Even the most gnarled tree is eloquent in the telling of its own tale.

The touch of the  water running in between my fingers!    did this every time we were on the boat!  missing those days

I was once asked why I never create "moody" art. My answer was simply "I can not" my soul is forever sunshine. My soul constantly looks for the ocean. As the ocean will always soothe my soul. This life is bliss