Monti Csárdás (Czardas) Szalai Hungarian Gypsy Band

Vittorio Monti - "Csárdás" / "Czardas" (performed by the Szalai Hungarian Gypsy Band)

Hungarian Medley

"Hungarian Medley" midi'ed by Leo Christopherson instruments: Violin, Viola, Piano, Cimbalom, and Bass (EastWest virtual instruments) -----------------------.

▶ Sándor Járóka Sr. (1922-1984) Recorded from Hungary Television 1972 - YouTube

Recorded from Hungary Television 1972

gypsy music 1 (playlist)

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panna czinka

Hungarian and Gypsy Fiddle

Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5 - violin

Vaclav Hybs Vaclav Hybs Orchestra Hana Hlozkova - violin in Nachod, Czech Republic

Boross Lajos plays "Romance" (by Lakatos Sandor)

The cimbalom is a concert hammered dulcimer, commonly found throughout the group of East European nations and cultures which composed Austria-Hungary