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there is a cat sitting on top of the red stair rail in this room,
Cat Discussion Forums
building cat shelves | Cat play room - any ideas? - Page 2 - Cat Forum : Cat Discussion ...
a close up of a wooden cabinet door with an opening to the bottom and side
Screen Doors | Dutch Doors | Storm Doors | Exterior Doors | Interior Doors
Pretty cat door
two cats sitting on top of wooden shelves in a kitchen
Feline furniture: 21 ideas that make Japanese cat lovers purr
a diagram showing how to make a cat powered feeder with catsnip and water
Cat Power - Dehahs | Graphics by Shahed Syed
Cat-Powered Feeder
a blue stair case next to a lamp and pictures on the wall in a white room
shelves + cat stairs
a cat is standing in the litter box
For Your Cats – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007
For Your Cats
a black and white cat eating out of a food dish on top of a red cabinet
Pondering Pet-Related Artwork
I made a pet station. Perhaps you’ve seen it? Right now, that pet station is red, but one day soon, it will be getting a facelift. (Wow…I really do need to get some updated pictures, don’t I?!) And above the pet station is a pretty good amount of blank wall space. So I’ve been pondering …
a black and white cat sitting on top of a scratching post next to a cat tree
Learn how to build a DIY cat tower, cat condo, cat tree
build a cat tree
the cat tree is made out of wood
Unique Cat Tree Houses with Real Trees from Pet Tree House - DigsDigs
Unique Cat Tree Houses with Real Trees from Pet Tree House | DigsDigs
two pictures side by side one with a cat climbing the stairs and the other with a table
Cat Furniture and Built-ins