Cheer Tips: BASES

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two people standing next to each other with speech bubbles above their heads and the caption that says, stable partner stunt basin
Cheer Partner Stunt
Bases, ever wonder why you find it hard to keep your flyer stable? Most of the time it's because you're not strong and stable with your upper body.. stay vertical and engage al the muscles! #CheerTips #CheerTipTuesday #Cheerleading #Cheer #CheerStunts #CheerTeam #Cheerleaders #PartnerStunt
a diagram showing how to use the correct exercises for butting and back pain, including
Cheer Basing Legs
Bases: wake up those sleepy muscles at the back because otherwise, your flyer won't be going very far (or you will struggle a lot more than you need to!) #CheerTips #CheerTipTuesday #Cheerleading #Cheer #CheerStunts #CheerTeam #Cheerleaders
a woman is doing different exercises with her arms in the air and pointing at something
Cheerleading Bases: Stable Stunting!
1️⃣ Be nice to the foot: trying to squeeze it to death will only tire you out and lock out muscles that need to be working! 2️⃣ Stay straight! Your posture looks like a banana 🍌 and then you wonder why you’re not stable...!! 3️⃣ Engage those sleepy muscles: glutes, core and triceps all need to be ACTIVE🔅 not frozen!! ❄️ #CheerTips #CheerTipTuesday #Cheerleading #Cheer #CheerStunts #CheerTeam #Cheerleaders
two women in black and white outfits are doing exercises
Technique for cheer bases: don't hunch back! Keep back straight and core engaged
the back and shoulder stretches are shown in this diagram, which shows how to stretch out
Technique for cheer bases: get UNDER the stunt and use the skeleton to support the weight
a woman doing exercises with the words absorb and bounce your cradles on it
Technique for cheer bases: absorb and bounce your cradles!
two people are doing push ups with their arms in the air
Technique for cheer bases: push up high with your pinkies to activate tricep muscles!
three cheerleaders are dancing together with the caption that reads, the stunt finishes when you clean, not when you catch wait for your flyer
Cheer tip: finish your stunts! Prevent injuries and get extra points for perfection of technique! Click on link for full article and more tips.
the diagram shows how to do exercises for back pain
Technique for cheer bases: stay close to maximise stunt stability
a woman doing exercises with the words are your shoulders ready for basing? work on your flexibility and mobility
Cheer flexibility tips for bases: are your shoulders ready for basing? Work on shoulder flexibility! Find out more tips on the link
a woman doing yoga poses with her hands in the air and one leg up, while another
Cheer basing tip: work on headstands to work on strong core and body alignment that will help you be a stronger and overall better base!