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For induction

For induction

Ayham jabr

Ayham Jabris a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, specializing in digital collage and analog collage. He lives in Damascus-Syria.

this isn't happiness.

God is an astronaut - lacabezaenlasnubes

Pilar Zeta, Falling in Love with the Dark Side of the Universe (series)

"A Hubble Space Telescope image shows unprecedented detail of the Antennae galaxies, an intense star-forming region created when .

Карикатуры - Claude Serre (https://pinterest.com/pin/287386019945710322).

Карикатуры - Claude Serre (https://pinterest.com/pin/287386019945710322).

Cranberry Pomegranate Baked Brie

Cranberry Pomegranate Baked Brie - stunning in presentation but so very simple to prepare, this easy appetizer is festive and holiday-ready.

I wish I could...

Quirky, fun, art print, 'I make pretty sht all day', rainbow and unicorn

Flowery uterus collage Woman gift Feminist art Wall by PRRINT

This funny collage print would make for an interesting tattoo, love the garden

I just laughed so hard when I saw this! LMAO It just HAD to be pinned! Thanks to Michelle for finding this. :D Made my day! :D

The funny thing is I do give credit to libraries for starting me on my path to atheism

Thar she blows! Blow all your friends away wearing Screech Owl Design's Whale. It's huge!

🌟Draw mountains as shading in whale 🌟 sweet old-school whale drawing