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hedgehog fall leaf craft - I did this with my son's class and it was a total hit. I'd recommend using leaves that aren't brown yet, as the brown leaves are more brittle and hard for kids it work with.

irudiak orbelekin

September Fun Fall Crafts Competition

September Fun Fall Crafts - Art with leaves! Press the leaves until they are flat and dry, then make beautiful creatures - just add pen! Use with read aloud Fall Man

Flags Of The World. Stories Behind Them

Flags Of The World. Stories Behind Them

A really interesting breakdown of the worlds flags. This would be a good warm up activity for grades when discussion government, nationhood, and global issues.

The Border Between the 'Two Englands'. In Great Britain as in the US, two cultural sub-nations identify themselves (and the other) as North and South. There is a place used as shorthand for describing the divide, with the rougher, poorer North and wealthier, middle-to-upper-class South referring to each other as ‘on the other side of the Watford Gap’.

193 - The Border Between the 'Two Englands'

Color Theory Homework I gave to my studio in art kids when I was student teaching, just modified a bit based on the critique from my students. To see the original check out http://pinterest.com/pin/118782508893403431/

Elements of art: Color Color theory is pretty easy to teach about. There are tons of resources available online for you to use. The basics of color start off with light.

Autumnal animals with leaves

Lisa van Klaveren on

Here are some wonderful images made using autumn leaves. Fox and the Hound activity

GeoSafari Afrca

Blank World Map Printable Black And White Regional Maps Royalty Free Jpg Africa Africaworldregionsnames

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves at http://pioneersettler.com/diy-ideas-autumn-leaves/

15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaf Bowls: These Fall leaf bowls capture the essence of the season. Use a balloon faux leafs and Mod Podge to create this lovely bowl. More at Awesome Stuff 365

Australia printable, blank map, administrative districts, royalty free

Outline Map Of Australia With Australia Printable Blank Maps Outline Maps Royalty Free : Outline Map Of Australia With Australia Printable Blank Maps Outline Maps Royalty Free Ideas Gallery : Free Coloring Pages for Kids

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a map of German states

Coats of Arms from the 16 Bundesländer of Germany. we are from Nord Rhine-Westphalia