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Have a student sit on a chair in front of a  white board while the others write a positive phrase about them.  (No peeking at what is being written.) Great esteem booster!
Origami Butterfly instructions ~  Very Cool!

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This FREE poetry lesson is designed to help students analyze any poem.
The analysis tasks are provided in a one-pager format. That means that students will demonstrate their analysis on a single page.
The one-pager has a doodle style and includes a doodle task to promote engagement and interest. 
The analysis tasks are easily adaptable to small group or partner work.
Each analysis task is completed after a reading of the poem. Ideas, Workshop, Teaching Poetry, Poetry Activities Elementary, Literature Lessons, Poetry Activities, Poetry Activities Middle, Elementary Poetry, Poem Analysis
Free Poetry Analysis Lesson - Doodle Poem Analysis for ANY Poem!
the cover of art in ela, featuring an adult coloring book and colored pencils
Incorporating Art in ELA Class: Lesson Plan Ideas - Reading and Writing Haven
book chats making thinking visible with the 4 c's
Book Chats: Making Thinking Visible with the 4C’s
As an alternative way of doing a book chat, students worked with a partner or in a trio for collaborative thinking & discussing the 4Cs about our memoir books.
the word splat is written in black and green ink
Drama Game: Splat! - Beat by Beat Press
Type: Warm-up, Focus Purpose: A great game to start off a session to warm-up voices and bodies, and get everyone to have some fun. Procedure: 1. Ask the group to make a circle. Teacher stands in the middle. 2. The teacher throws an imaginary pie at one person in the circle. 3. That person must duck and [...]
Images of blackout poetry. Art, Easy, Hobbies, Seminary, Cool Writing, Teacher, Info
Blackout Poetry Writing
three books with the title blackout poetry art for beginners
Blackout Poetry Art for Beginners | Art Tutorials